Sofa Cleaning

The sofa is one of the most unique parts of your furniture so, don’t neglect your sofa set. Our company provides sofa cleaning services to remove the dust particles which can’t even see.
Your sofa can easily be contaminated with invisible dust and oil. The process of cleaning and sanitization services includes vacuuming by using a power full vacuum cleaner, different injections used, and getting your brand new sofa. Our sofa cleaning services are a very safe and effective process that completely removes the mini particles of dust and stubborn stains but they ensure you that the fabric of the sofa remains. The power full technique removes the deep-down dirt completely and provides you a brand new sofa.
For sofa cleaning, every person looks for professional cleaning services. So we are providing you with the best sofa cleaning services at very economical rates. They make sure that your sofas are cleaned completely.


Ways of sofa cleaning


1# Dry cleaning

This method is applied for sofa cleaning without using water. A powder contains a chemical that is sprinkled all around the surface of the sofa and it starts working on stains. The powder is then vacuumed up and your sofa is cleaned completely. As the name suggests no water is used in this method. The method of cleaning is so convenient as it can easily be applied to wooden sofas also.

2# Extraction through steam heating

The steam heat extraction method uses high-temperature steam heat to clean dust and all other impurities from the sofa. In this method, the technology clears all excess material together with dust and dirt particles. In this way, the entire sofa can easily be cleaned in a very short period.

This method of cleaning the sofa is very reasonable and economical.

3# cleaning with baking soda

This way of cleaning your sofa is also very convenient and effective. The sprinkling of baking soda over the whole sofa easily removes the stains and impurities. You can also use a homemade solution of soda to remove deeply the stains.

For both drying up and wet solution leave the solution of baking soda to set for 20 to 25 minutes. When the baking soda is completely absorbed the stain vacuum up it with a brush.

4# Sofa vacuum cleaning

In this method of sofa cleaning brush attachments and vacuum are used to completely clean dirt particles and impurities from the surface of the sofa. The professionals make sure that where the pet hair and dust particles are accumulated. if the cushions are also attached removed them all and then vacuum both sides of the sofa.

If there’s a lot of dirt seeps down deep into the surface of the sofa a lint roller is also used to remove where the vacuum is not going to be worked

Scope of work for sofa cleaning

  • Cleaning of sofa 3seater
  • Cleaning of loveseat two-seaters
  • Cleaning of armchair
  • Cleaning of easy chairs
  • Cleaning of dining chair
  • Cleaning of recliner
  • Cleaning up all the bacteria, dirt, and stains
  • Dry cleaning sofa
  • Vacuum cleaning sofa
  • Cleaning of rugs
  • Steam cleaning sofa