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    Water Tank Cleaning:

    Water tanks play a very important role in our daily lives. To keep it properly clean, safe, and healthy is necessary for many industrial, commercial and home uses. So, the water tank should be cleaned out regularly for their maintenance. Moreover keeping your water tanks clean prevents the formation of germs, bacteria, and many outer impurities and it can cause harmful health issues for your family.

    No matter which size of your industrial, commercial, home tanks professionals will clean them thoroughly. They offer you complete services for cleanliness based on proper techniques and the best tools are used during the cleaning process of water tanks.

    1: Process of Mechanized Dewatering:

    It is the basic and first step involved in mechanized dewatering of tank cleaning procedure. In this process, complete walls and surroundings are cleaned by removing off dirt, dust, and algae after which the water below the walls of the tank is pumped out by using specially designed equipment for dewatering.

    2: High-Pressure Cleaning Way:

    In this process, high-pressure cleaning is used to clean the walls and ceilings of the water tanks. Special high jet cleaners are used by professional cleaners to get rid of the walls of algae and all other impurities. It prevents the multiplication of bacteria further.

    3: Vacuum Cleaning:

    In this method, professional cleaners used specially designed vacuum cleaners to remove all the contaminants and impurities from the tank surfaces and making it overall clean and new. Vacuuming is the ideal process for tank cleaning.

    4: Sludge Removal Method:

    This is the most traditional and old process, in which the cleaners remove dirt,

    fungus, or any other hard stains from the concrete.

    As we all know that removing sludge and stains from the concrete is quite a time taken and tough job. Buy no worry! Our trained cleaners use new advanced and developed equipment to remove sludge from your tank’s concrete walls.

    So no matter if your water tank is made of concrete. Our cleaners are all set to clean it as well as a plastic water tank. And provide you a satisfying water tank cleaning service.

    5: Chemical Wash:

    This is the modern method of cleaning water tanks. Not all chemicals are harmful some chemicals exist with their great beneficial ability just like chlorine.

    Chlorine can be act as the best stain removal but if you use a limited quantity of it.

    Our skilled cleaners know how much quantity is good during water tank cleaning. They prepare a chlorine solution and with its scrub and rubbed the walls of the tank to remove stuck dust, fungi, algae, and other stubborn stains, to make your water tank clean and healthy.

    During cleaning, we don’t use any health hazardous chemicals and this is the best part of our water tank cleaning service.

    Our Scope Of Work For Water Tank Cleaning.

    Our professional cleaners can make your water tank as good as new by following providing services.

    • Pressure motor cleaning.
    • Cleaning boot.
    • High-cleaning with fresh water.
    • Chlorine wash.
    • Draining old water from the tank.
    • Pumping out the free oil.
    • Clean sediments.