Marble Floor Cleaning Services

Marble gives a smart look to your home or living place. Marble floors are available in many colors and add beauty to the living place. This material comes from limestone and limestone itself is formed from a different type of hard material like calcium and organic matter. Marble floor adds a stunning and outclass look and at the same time you need special care and attention to clean marble floors. You can hire professional marble floor cleaning services for their cleaning and life span.


1: Removal of Dust and Dirt:

Regular sweeping is good but it’s not enough for thorough cleaning of marble floors. Professional cleaning services provide you all the best tools for dust mopping. These are used with microfiber cloths. Microfiber attracts  the accumulated dust and dirt particles and making the surface of floor new.


2: Washing Marble Floors:

Cleaning marble floors does not require any harsh material or chemicals. Some very common tools are required to clean it thoroughly. These materials include.

  • Hot water
  • P-H neutral soap
  • Plain water
  • Towel and cloth

Mix hot water and neutral soap and gently wash the floor then soft mopping is used to absorb it all.


3: Rinse the Floor:

Once the mopping of marble floor is done now it’s time to rinse it. Now the thing to do is fill a bucket with cool plain water. Then mop it by dipping and by giving extra time to mopping removes completely all the accumulated dust and impurities from the floor.

4: Use Hot Water:

When water becomes hot it automatically acts as a good stain remover. Using any harsh chemicals or rough brushes can damage your beautiful marble floor. That’s why clean the marble floor with the  hot water is much effective because it can easily beat dirt, grease, stubborn stains, or bubble gum marks.

Our professional cleaners are highly trained to use distilled water as a stain remover.


5: Use Mild Detergents:

During the cleaning of the Marble floor, we all recommended any cleaner or detergent to get the desired result. But many few people know that not all detergents are good. Externally they give a good result but internally they damage the floor surface and make the floor dull and colorless.

Our trained cleaners are highly aware of this type of problem and they always use mild detergents that are pH-neutral that are LEDs efficient as compared to acidic detergents but it increases marble floor life.


6: Use Marble Sealer:

To prevent your marble floor from damages and stubborn stains. Sealing the marble floors is the best way.

You need a skilled DIY’er for sealing your marble floors and our skilled DIY’ers are always ready to provide you the best marble sealing service. After which your marble floors will be safe from spilled ls and grease.

Our Scope Of Work For Marble Floor Cleaning.

  • Mopping the floor.
  • Rinse the floor.
  • Spills and grease cleaning.
  • Removing of scuff marks.
  • Remove and clean the rugs.