The cleaners mean the person who does the cleaning services according
to the company order.
The customers are the people who want different cleaning services and the company provides cleaning services.
The service includes the task carried out on behalf of a cleaning company.
Our contract
1.    The terms and conditions show a contract between customers and the Service Market.
2.    The client accepts all the cookies to visit our
3.    The client must agree to the terms and conditions.
4.    Minimum 2 hours of cleaning services you can book from us
5.    By the company director, only valid Terms and conditions can be approved.
Payment Method
•    The service according to the customer’s requirements and charges
hourly, weekly or monthly.
•    Our payment method is simple. You can send it by Visa, Debit card, or credit card.
•    If customer payment is delayed or has not yet come after work, we reserve the right
to withhold services,  information, break the engagement with a client
•    In case of late payment from you, we charge 20% extra for all your future services
booked at
•    All payment the customer pays is in Rupees
•    Any additional or extra work shall be charged an extra payment
1.    All the cleaning equipment and equipment are provided by the company. But if you
want to use your equipment for cleaning, the stuff must be safe and eco-friendly.
2.    If customers have their own equipment, they just need to tell all the details about the
equipment to our cleaners.
3.    We do not accept the vacuum or other sanitization machines from the client because
something wrong may happen.
4.    All the equipment fulfills the terms and conditions of the company.
Refund policy
•    If you cancel your booking before the 24 hours of cleaning, according to the refund policy refund you within 7 working days
•    If the customer is not satisfied with our services, let us know within 24 hours, our
inspection team will visit and check. If they also agree, then a refund is possible.
•    If a cleaner does not visit according to the same date you book, in this case, we're also

Cancellation Policy
•    It’s for our clients to pay the full payment if they do not cancel their booking before 24
hours of appointment.
•    If a customer needs to change the day or time, you are responsible for telling us within
24 hours.
• provides the services for all 7 days, including Sunday 24/7, in case of
canceling your booking before 24 hours is acceptable
Complaints about our cleaning services
•    If you are not satisfied with our services,  please let us know as soon as possible using
the call or email method. Your satisfaction is important to us.
•    Please call us in case of any complaint about our cleaners team or service
Service Market Guarantee
We built a reputation and fame due to providing the best cleaning services in Lahore, but as
a human, sometimes by mistake something may wrong, so we guaranteed to re-clean the