Window Cleaning Services in Lahore.

Window cleaning is not a simple task. Now a day’s most of the buildings have fewer walls and more glass windows. Window cleaning is very important and you can’t ignore it. Quality window cleaning is very difficult and time-consuming also. You can’t do window cleaning easily by yourself.
So you should hire some professional window cleaners for this purpose. Because window cleaning is the exterior cleaning of your whole window structure and it involves washing and cleaning your windows and remove dust, dirt, and other impurities properly in a professional manner. The process of window cleaning is performed by application of detergents to the window glass.

1# Removal of Dust and Dirt:

In this way of window cleaning, the trainers remove dust from the window by using brushes and then they vacuuming all these impurities with the help of different machines dusting attachments. This process helps in reducing dust from turning back into wastage when mixed with a cleaner.

2# Top to bottom window cleaning:

The different techniques are used in this process. Trainers clean your windows from top to bottom. In this way, the cleaning solution easily drips into the areas you ignored than in a normal routine. They ensure you that no drips will occur on the surface of the glass and they are cleaned perfectly.

3# Cleaning and Sanitization:

On your windows, there are so many stains and dirt particles that remain stick on windows. Our professional window cleaners are offering you deep cleaning and glass sanitization. Normally just cleaning or washing is not enough. Most of the germs remain stick with the windows. By using sanitization products trained window cleaners to get thoroughly cleaned and germ-free windows

Things To Avoid

By taking our window cleaning service feel tension free because now your windows are in good hands.

Our team is professionally trained they know very well which methods have to apply and which have to avoid.

1.Avoid Scrapping Or Blading.

Our window cleaning team is highly professional they know that the stubborn stains cannot be cleaned by razor, any kind of blad or scrapping.

These materials are not suitable on glassy surfaces and that’s why in the end they leave streaks and permanent scratches on your window glass.

2.Avoid Glass Cleaners.

Very few people know that glass cleaners are not good for window cleaning, as they contain ammonia or alcohol. That’s why they leave streaks on your window glass.

Not only this these glass cleaners produce a thin film that attracts dust, mud, and soil.

3.Avoid Newspapers.

People use newspapers and common papers to clean their windows without knowing that these papers have harsh chemicals that can harm your windows as well as your hands.

Our window cleaning team uses proper techniques and tools to clean your window and give them a new life.

Scope of work for window cleaning.

  1. Use the modern and latest methods for window cleaning.
  2. Use the latest wet/ dry extraction technique to remove dust, mud, soil, and mold from the windows.
  3. Clean your windows with full care and without damaging furniture.
  4. Deep cleaning and sanitizing according to how much dust the window accumulated.
  5. First, properly understand the material type of the window then starts to clean it with a suitable method.
  6. Make sure to give you a flawless result.
  7. After taking our window cleaning service your windows looks as good as new.