Fixing wallpapers on walls is such a tough to do. This process needs professional trainers and skilled persons. You can look for professional wallpaper services for your events or your homes. Wallpaper fixing includes installation of wallpapers, wall coverings, interior designing services, and much more. If you want to enhance the beauty of your interior place you can hire professional services by just a click away. Whether you need wallpaper services for big or small projects

1: Inspect the Wall before fixing Wall Paper:

First of all, you have to check out the condition of the wall before fixing the wallpaper. The walls should be in good condition before putting amazing wallpapers. The holes or cracks must be repaired first for complete perfect wallpaper covering.


2: Check Out the Paint Condition:

If the wall on which you are giving to fix wallpapers having pre-existing coats of paints or colors on it, you have to check it first with the help of professionals. This checking will give you a proper clue either to apply wallpaper or not.


3: Be Smooth for Fixing Wall Paper:

The perfect option is finally to apply wallpapers after checking the condition and that is the preparation stage of application of wallpapers to provide a smooth and beautiful finish for such material.


4: Remove The Damaged Wallpaper Or Paint.

Before fixing wallpaper or paint on the wall. It is mandatory to remove all the damaged parts of the previous wallpaper or paint. This an essential step because without performing this step you can’t get your desired result. The pieces and marks of damaged wallpaper or paint give an abrupt look to your wall after applying new beautiful wallpaper.

Our trained and professional workers kneeling cut off and scrap the ripped or punctured areas of the old wallpaper or paint and smartly makes the walls ready for new wallpaper fixing.


5: Apply The Wallpaper Paste.

After making the wall cleaned and ready to fix a new wallpaper. Now it’s time to apply an even layer of wallpaper paste to the backside of the new wallpaper. This step looks so easy but it doesn’t. It’s a little bit tricky job. That’s why you need experts.

Our highly skilled workers can do this within a few minutes perfectly. They use a foam roller to cover the underside of the wallpaper and make sure that they apply the wallpaper paste at the edges and corners as well.

Plus they know very well which wallpaper paste suits which wallpaper and use the exact paste accordingly to the wallpaper type. This is an essential step otherwise your wallpapers can be damaged or punctured.


Our Scope Of Work For Wallpaper Fixing.

We care for our clients that’s why we are providing them the following wallpaper fixing services.

  • Fix minor imperfection in the wall.
  • Repairing peeling wallpaper.
  • Patch damaged or ripped paper.
  • Gives bubbles free wallpaper look.
  • Gives a huge range of texture and designs.