Without a proper roof, a commercial and residential building is incomplete. It is the topmost and vital part of any building to protect from the harshness of temperature changes with time, sunlight and wind, etc. these false ceilings help in keeping the building cool in the summer season. It is set at a distance of at least 8 inches from the prime ceiling.

So, they are designed with the best material gypsum board, plaster of pairs, etc. if anyone is looking for the best false ceiling services they can hire professional technicians.

The famous kinds of false ceilings are discussed below.


1: Gypsum Ceilings:

Gypsum Ceilings are one of the most famous kinds of false ceilings. It is the best insulator of thermal and sounds also. The best thing about gypsum false ceiling is that it is light weighted and fire-resistant. It is too flexible and can be mold into different shapes of your choice.


2: Plaster of Paris:

Plaster of Paris false ceiling is primarily in the form of powder and when it is combined with water it becomes hard. This type is highly durable and also a good insulator of heat and cold.


3: Wooden Ceilings:

The wooden ceiling offers you the smartest and unique patterns that are very eye-catching. Wood ceilings can come in different shapes like boards and panels. They can be finished up in different colors and polishers. They are adjustable with nails also and easy to fit in.


4: Metal Ceiling.

Metal is also used in building as ceiling material. Numerous benefits of the metal ceiling’s why contractors and builders preferred metal ceilings. As compared to metal ceiling benefits it will cost almost half.

The metal ceiling is fire resistant. It means it not only provides a beautiful and strong look but also safe for people. Rather than this, metal ceilings have lots of other benefits just like they are stronger and less prone to cracks and breaks.

Plus metal ceilings help to absorbs or redirect sound. So you never need an echo chamber. And in the end, the metal ceiling gathered several styles, textures, and finishes to give your home and building an attractive and strong outlook.


5: Glass Ceiling.

The glass ceiling is the most beautiful type of false ceiling. It gives an attractive and adorable outlook that you will surely be going to love.

The glass ceiling not only sound and weather-resistant but is time resistant too. Glass ceilings have timeless finishing because they never erode, corrode or rust as time passes.

The plus point of glass ceiling g is that it’s much easy to clean and you can always keep them clean easily. You don’t need to do any tough tasks to give them a clean and beautiful look.


Our scope of work for False ceiling.

  • Grid false ceiling service.
  • Acoustic ceiling service.
  • Designer false ceiling.
  • Ceiling work in the.
  • Economical false ceiling.

Make your roof and ceilings highly attractive and admirable by taking our flase ceiling services.