Building Cleaning

Building cleaning and maintenance services provide you overall cleaning or repair work of buildings. These services can cover Janitorial services, building maintenance, and repair, etc. so, buildings that are constructed from glass, brick, and wood require regular cleaning to avoid any decay of these materials. If they are not cleaned regularly then the outlook of your building can be easily affected. Even natural elements like rain, wind, and snow can affect buildings easily. Wind staining is more common and visible on the corners and walls of higher buildings.

1: Disposal of Trash:

The very basic and first step is the disposal of trash and waste material. Garbage bags and dust bins must be removed off from buildings on a daily and hourly basis. The inner parts of dust bins must be cleaned and then thoroughly sanitized and replace the bin with a fresh bag.


2: Damp Wipe:

The next step is the use of damp wipes mixed and combined with a neutral disinfectant which is then applied to all higher surfaces. These surfaces include phones, light switches, door handles, and desks, etc. this is an ideal procedure for avoiding germs and bacteria accumulated on these surfaces.


3: Availability of Stock:

After the cleaning of highly tough surfaces of any building, the next process is to make the stock available for public use especially in the case of bathroom products like toilet paper, towels, and soaps. These items should be available for public use it will help reduce the spread of germs and at the same time the productivity level increases.


4: Rotowash.

Rotowash is the most advanced method of cleaning which is normally used for carpet and escalators cleaning. Rotowash machine has rotating brushes that are capable of collecting all dirt, dust, and other particles from the carpets and escalators.

Rotowash provides you a completely cleaned and satisfied look for your building and its materials.


5: Steam Cleaning.

Steam-cleaning is considered the most effective and cheapest way of Cleaning. Because of highs temperature, steam oil and dirt can easily be removed from any surfaces.

Steam-cleaning can clean each residue from the floor, carpet, or any other thing. Steam Cleaning is a much environmentally friendly way of Cleaning because this method no needs any kind of chemicals for cleaning.


6: Floor Maintenance.

For any kind of building floor are it’s the biggest assist. To keep the floor cleaned and damaged free floor maintenance is a must.

Our professionals are capable of using advanced technologies and techniques which can scrub, buffing, and polishing the floor most effectively as compared to old traditional methods.


Our scope of work for Building cleaning.

  • Wet mopping cleaning.
  • Carpet cleaning.
  • Commercial cleaning.
  • Deep extraction cleaning.
  • Furniture maintenance and cleaning.
  • Floor and tiles cleaning.
  • Bathroom cleaning and sanitizing.
  • Kitchen cleaning and sanitizing.

Try our building cleaning services and experience the real pleasure of cleanness. Our unique services are not only distant from other but also its lighter on your wallet. You can contact to us by just one phone call or mailing us.