An air conditioner is one of the basic parts that keep you and your family happy and healthy in warm and humid weather especially in summers.
So, we are going to provide you the best air conditioner maintenance services. Your AC’s filters, fins, and coils require proper and regular maintenance for effective functioning. If you ignore its maintenance a rapid decline will occur for sure.
Air conditioner collects debris and dirt particles during cooling operation which results in the decrease of the proper cooling system. Whether you have a window AC or split AC, it is very important to maintain its working condition to ensure a better performance. Our AC maintenance services provide you step-by-step procedures for its proper working condition and these include.


1. Check and Balance of Air conditioner Coils:

The AC evaporator coil absorbs dust and debris over the passage of time and all these impurities and dust particles get a stick up on the coils. As a result, this deposition affects the room cooling system. Our AC maintaining professionals provide you the service of coil cleaning by checking and balancing by using the barroom.


2: Adjustment of Thermostat:

In this process of maintaining AC technicians adjust your thermostat to a higher temperature. It helps to increase the period of your unit that has to work and improves its life cycle. The adjustment of the AC thermostat also benefits you in the monthly utility bill. So, its adjustment will maximize its life for a long period.


3: Lubricate Moving Parts.

Sometimes the internal parts of the Ac can’t work properly because of an excess of friction. To solve this problem our trained technicians use various techniques to increase the smoothness between the moving parts.
They properly lubricate the internal moving parts of Ac, so that they start working perfectly.
They use the right quantity of lubricants which reduce friction, absorbs shocks, reduces the chance of contaminants, and protects from corrosion and break down.

If the drain line of an Ac is blocked, it can cause water leakage, wetness problems, and moisture problems.

Our technicians properly check and clean Ac’s condensate drain line. So that’s how your Ac becomes able to drain the liquid condensate.

Not only this after checking and cleaning the condensate drain line. Your Ac will become mold-free and bacteria-free.


5: Check Control System.

No matter how clean and proper your Ac’s parts are, it can’t work properly until the control the system works properly.

Control system is the major thing in any Ac that starts, operates, and shuts the Ac properly but if it’s not working your Ac can become useless.

That’s why in our Ac maintenance service, our technicians make sure that your Ac’s control system starts, operate, and shuts off accurately.


6: Change And Clean Filter.

Our technicians properly checked the Ac filtration system. They expertly change and clean the air filter.

So that the Ac become able to filter and cooled the air exactly how you want to

Try our Ac maintenance service and gets your desire results.