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Top Rated AC Duct Cleaning Service in Lahore

Your AC cleaning is the most important part of your home or offices. You can’t ignore its proper cleanliness. With time and due to its regular use in the summer season AC accumulates many impurities and dust particles over its parts so it’s proper cleaning is very vital. Air duct cleaning requires professional services if you ignore to clean all components of the system.

 A professional through cleaning ensures you that you can enjoy clean air in your home. Professional AC duct cleaners perform their job in presides and slow down the process of building up particles and impurities inside the ductwork to increase the life of your system.


1: Replace Air Filter:

Air filters are the most ideal parts of catching air and dust particles and it badly affect the proper ventilation. So, changing air filters at the proper time is very important and professionals can do this process in the best manner by changing filters depending on the thickness of the air filter. They should be cleaned every month or after every 2 to 3 months depends on the condition of the AC duct.

2: Contaminants Collection:

During the cleaning, process professionals keep the system placed under vacuum pressure to completely prevent the spread of contaminants. So, continuous vacuum pressure removes all the impurities from the system and they make sure that these dust particles will not reach into the living space when AC is turned on after cleanliness.

3: Source Removal: 

It’s the most easiest and highly recommended method for AC Duct cleaning.

By using this method our professional technicians can clean your Ac mechanical system and make them free from dust, dirt, and debris that have accumulated over time.

4: Steam AC-Duct Cleaning:


As everyone knows that using steam as a cleaning agent means you can get an amazing kind of cleaning which not only clean your AC but also make them germs and bacteria-free.

But as now modern ACs carries electric components. So you must need professional cleaners who know better to clean your AC-duct through steam cleaning without damaging its electrical components.

Take our AC Duct Cleaning services and feel relax because now your AC is on Safe Hands.

5: Cleaning Through Antimicrobial Chemicals.

Our trained cleaners use an antimicrobial chemical to clean, sanitize, disinfect and deodorize your Ac duct expertly.

This kind of chemical is only applied on AC’s non-porous surfaces to address microbial contamination and help control odors.

Our highly trained and professional technicians use only the chemicals which are registered by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to prevent your AC from any kind of damage.

Our Scope For AC Duct Cleaning.

  • Clean air duct
  • Clean coils.
  • Clean drain pan.
  • Clean air plenum.
  • Blower motor and assembly cleaning.
  • Check and clean the heat exchanger.
  • Check and clean the Air filter.
  • Check and clean registers.

So experience our AC duct cleaning services by just making a phone call or through our website. We are all set to provide you your desired services at very reasonable rates.