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When we think of pollution, a lot of things come to our mind. Believe it or not, but indoor air quality plays a major role to boost your health. As you are spending more time in your home, indoor air quality should be your first choice. Moreover, it directly affects your mental and physical health.

This article includes 5 preventive and maintenance tips to boost indoor air quality. If you are looking for office cleaning services in Lahore at the best price, contact Service Market for spectacular services.

1# Monitor Indoor Air Quality:

Monitoring indoor air quality is the first line of defense against indoor air pollutants. The detection of carbon monoxide, volatile organic compounds, allergens, molds, dirt particles, and other pollutants is a key step to detect indoor air quality.

Always get regular cleaning services in Lahore to maintain an optimum indoor environment. It helps to run the HVAC system efficiently, controls humidity levels, and improves indoor air quality.


2# Change Air Filters:

The clogged air filters of the HVAC system circulate allergens and dust particles throughout your home. Always change air filters after every 30 to 60 days, especially if you live in a hot and humid environment. Changing air filters circulate fresh air in your home or office.

The gradients of air filters vary according to the HVAC system. Always choose a perfect-sized air filter to maintain the efficient flow of the air.


3# Analyze Indoor Humidity Level:

The indoor humidity and moisture become breeding a ground for mold, fungus, and mildew. It triggers different respiratory disorders including asthma and other allergic disorders. You can use dehumidifiers to maintain indoor humidity levels. Ideal humidity level must be between 30% and 50%.

Moreover, reduce humidity levels help the HVAC system to work efficiently. It is a wise decision to hire experts for cleaning services in Lahore because they are equipped with machinery to maintain humidity levels.


4# Allow Airflow & Ventilation:

Always remember to open the windows of your home for ventilation. It helps to circulate fresh air, alleviates pollutants in the air, and improves indoor air quality. Clean all the vents because clogged or dirty vents are also leading causes of poor indoor air quality.

You can also install exhaust fans in the kitchen or bathroom to draw moisture and contaminants outside.


5# Clean Air Ducts:

The air ducts of the HVAC system are responsible for the circulation of hot or cold air. A damaged and dirty air duct distributes contaminants throughout your home. The accumulation of allergens in your ducts reduces overall indoor air quality. Hire experienced cleaners for cleaning air ducts to maintain a flow of fresh air.


Have you ever noticed accumulated dust on the surfaces of your home? Might be it is a sign to hire professional cleaners to maintain optimum indoor air quality. We offer exclusive deals for office cleaning services in Lahore to create the best indoor environment for your employees. Please contact our trained team members to book an affordable deal.

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